Konbini ( Japanese Deli )


Conivenient, Easy & Fast


Konbini products use minimum additives or not at all.

Some products are already cooked so just heat up and ready to eat.

Perfect for your easy meals and kids lunch box!

Genki Mart is located in Alderley, North Brisbane.


Our focus is providing the best and largest range of Japanese groceries from Japan and Australia.

We are also the first alcohol licenced asian grocery store in QLD and have a variety of Japanese produced Sake and beers. Something you will not find anywhere else is our own range of prepared Japanese dishes ready for quick and easy meals at home.


Simply email or phone our friendly genki staff if you have any questions about Japanese food, or visit us at Genki Mart and check out our range. We’d love to see you and share the Genki.


MARUWA Japanese Cuisine (Dine-in & Take away)

07 3350 2823, 6 Corrie St, Chermside
Wed - Fri ( Dinner Only), Sat & Sun( Lunch & Dinner), Mon & Tue (Closed)


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